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Marta Pia is a designer and artist born in Madrid. After graduating in Fashion Design in 2007 she moved to Brooklyn, where she lived for many years making objects (functional and not) across a number of media such as ceramics, metalwork, leather and textiles. She also has great interest in Marbling techniques, which she applies to her work and shares with others through classes and collaborations.

In addition, for almost a decade, she has worked as a
 corporate educator for a number of American companies, leading art-based leadership initiatives designed to strengthen their workforce through creativity.

Since 2015, Marta also makes a line of jewellery called PIA,
 where she channels her love for stones and symbols.

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Interior Design Magazine, New York Mag, InStyle, and GQ amongst others.

In 2020 Marta moved to the north of Spain to work on her long time dream of renovating an old villa and some day hosting artists for creative retreats (more soon!).

For inquiries or just to say hi, please email

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